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Academic information system

How to use Public document server

These guidelines are here to show you how to use Public document server. In case you have found no answer to your question, please contact the system integrator on the address ais@is.stuba.sk.

Main screen - Document tree

Here is a picture of the Public document server tree. In the brackets there is a number of documents placed in each folder. To view the documents click on the relevant folder.


The content of a folder can be divided into two parts: a display of documents and a display of sub-folders. You can switch between these two parts using the drop-down menu under the folder name.

Display documents

Here is a table showing the name of the document, comments, the information about by whom and when the document was added, the author and the date of completion. To read the document click on the open book icon. If there is an attachment, you can download it by clicking on the picture symbolizing the file type.

Display subfolders

Here is a table containing a list of all sub-folders of the folder. The table contains the name of the sub-folder and a direct link to it.