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Faculty of Civil Engineering
Initial period:
WS 2010/2011 - FCE
Type of study:
3629T08 I-SNOU Structures for Land Protection
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

The graduate will become a civil engineer - an expert in the field of structures that are essential for land protection and procedures concerning particularly, water and transportation regimes of the land. Areas of application: preparation, engineering and design of structures, participation in the processing of documentation of the environmental impact assessment of structures within the terms of the statutory EIA methodology, realization of structures - in particular the procedures eliminating negative impacts on the environment, management of the procedures in construction administration and environmental authorities, inspection and control activities in the environmental protection authorities during the preparation, realization and operation of structures, working in organizations managing and operating structures and facilities (management of rivers and objects on them, managers and operators of line structures), working in governmental organizations of various levels in the field of construction, transport and environment.