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Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Initial academic year: WS 2015/2016 - FEEIT
Type of study: Master
Programme: 2387T16 I-AME Applied Mechatronics and Electromobility
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

Main objective of the study programme Applied Mechatronics and Electromobility is to enable students to learn design, develop and apply mechatronic systems using the latest knowledge in natural sciences, mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, information, communication and control technologies. The curricula of the study programme focus on modern methods of mathematics, physics, modelling and simulation, mechanics, electronics, sensor systems, communications and information technologies, automatic control and mechatronic systems design in two study branches, namely Automotive Mechatronics and Electromobility and Applied mechatronics and automation. Graduates of the program can find jobs in research, development and design of complex mechatronic systems for various application areas (automotive industry, transportation systems, manufacturing processes, power engineering, consumer and control electronics, nanotechnology, health, services, etc.). The main focus of the knowledge and skills will be the area of mechatronics, i.e. interconnection of mechanics, control, electronics, industrial communication and informatics.