Nov 19, 2019   9:39 p.m. Alžbeta
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Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Initial academic year: WS 2015/2016 - FEEIT
Type of study: Master
Programme: 2647T07 I-RK Robotics and Cybernetics
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

The profile of the master degree in Robotics and cybernetics is designed in such a way that a graduate gains a high quality master degree education based on the knowledge of automatic process control cybernetic modeling robotic systems design. The professional profile of the graduate covers new trends in information technologies in the field of control systems, robotics and artificial intelligence. Graduates prove their competence in the field of process analysis, cybernetics model design, complex and distributed systems control and diagnostics, informational security of control and customer systems, intelligent control methods application (expert systems, neural networks, ntelligent control and diagnostics systems) and also in the field of practical knowledge control, information and knowledge systems design.