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Presentation of study programmes - Information about a study programme

Application shows summary of individual study programmes, fields of study and tracks of individual faculties of the university. The details about the selected study programme are available here. The details relate to the selected initial academic year.

Faculty: Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
Initial academic year: WS 2011/2012 - MTF
Type of study: Bachelor
Programme: 2305R02 B-PPT Computer-Aided Production Technologies
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

The graduate is able to perform the job of a production technologist able to operate computational technology CAx systems and Cax technologies used in the production preparation and control. The graduate is able to prepare technical documentation and construct and design programs for CNC production machine tools, model complex 3D products and simulate preparation of their production. The graduate is also able to implement and operate production and technological systems in a position of a CAD/CAM technologist, constructor of production tools and a programmer of NC technology using appropriate computer systems and software.