Nov 20, 2019   7:59 p.m. Félix
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Presentation of study programmes - Information about a study programme

Application shows summary of individual study programmes, fields of study and tracks of individual faculties of the university. The details about the selected study programme are available here. The details relate to the selected initial academic year.

Faculty: Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
Initial academic year: WS 2014/2015 - MTF
Type of study: Master
Programme: 2645T05 I-PMA Industrial Management
Language of instruction:Slovak

Study programme characteristic

The graduate gains complete university education focused on planning, designing, implementing and managing production systems and also creativity development in engineering projects or processes. He has deep knowledge of natural sciences, technical, technological disciplines and humanities with expertise in industrial management, company management, production management, plant economy, theoretical knowledge of operation and system analysis, logistics, personnel, investment, finance, innovation, information management etc. The graduate is ready either to continue his study in postgraduate degree and develop his research career in industrial management, or to enter job market immediately. He will successfully perform as a middle or top manager in organisations within various sectors of industry requiring the synergy of managerial, economical, technical and soft skills and knowledge.