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Selection of timetables - Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

In the following table select the timetables whose items you wish to view.

Sel.TimetableStudy periodDepartmentForm of studyBeginningEnd
Rozvrh na zimný semester 2018/19WS 2018/2019FIITfull-time, attendance method09/17/201812/16/2018
Rozvrh na letný semester 2018/192018/2019 - post-graduate studiesFIITfull-time, attendance method02/11/201905/12/2019
Rozvrh na letný semester 2018/19SS 2018/2019FIITfull-time, attendance method02/11/201905/12/2019
Rozvrh na zimný semester 2019/20WS 2019/2020FIITfull-time, attendance method09/23/201912/22/2019
Rozvrh na letný semester 2019/202019/2020 - post-graduate studiesFIITfull-time, attendance method02/17/202005/24/2020
Rozvrh na letný semester 2019/20SS 2019/2020FIITfull-time, attendance method02/17/202005/17/2020
Rozvrh na zimný semester 2020/21WS 2020/2021FIITfull-time, attendance method09/21/202012/20/2020