Oct 23, 2020   11:51 p.m. Alojza
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Selection of course timetables valid in period 02/15/2016 - 05/22/2016

In the following table select the timetables whose items you wish to view.

Sel.TimetableStudy periodDepartmentForm of studyBeginningEnd
LS_2015-2016_denSS 2015/2016FMEfull-time, attendance method02/08/201605/22/2016
LS_2015-2016_kombSS 2015/2016FMEfull-time, combined method02/08/201605/22/2016
LS 2015/2016SS 2015/2016FCEfull-time, attendance method02/15/201605/22/2016
LS 2015/2016SS 2015/2016FCFTfull-time, attendance method02/15/201608/28/2016