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Sylabus předmětu N400C11_4D - Chemical and biochemical reactors II (FCFT - 2019/2020 - post-graduate studies)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Course unit code: N400C11_4D
Course unit title: Chemical and biochemical reactors II
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture5 hours weekly (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 6
Recommended semester/trimester: Chemical Engineering - doctoral (semi-compulsory), 1. year
Chemical Engineering - doctoral (semi-compulsory), 1. year
Level of study: 3.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
Defense of the project, oral exam - PhD.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Mathematical and experimental modeling of advanced biochemical and hybrid reactors (reactive distillation, membrane reactors) in steady state and dynamic regimes and basic principles of safety analysis of such reactors.
Course contents:
- Advanced biochemical reactors
- Hybrid systems: reactive distillation, membrane reactors, SMB reactors
- Mathematical and experimental modeling in steady and unsteady state
- Safety analysis
Recommended or required reading:
FROMENT, G F. -- BISCHOFF, K B. Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design. New York : John Wiley & Sons, 1990. 664 p. ISBN 0-471-51044-0.
FOGLER, H S. Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering. New York: Prentice Hall PTR, 1999. 959 p. ISBN 0-13-531708-8.

Language of instruction: slovak and english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 20

100,0 %0 %
Name of lecturer(s): prof. Ing. Jozef Markoš, DrSc. (person responsible for course) - slovak, english
Last modification: 26. 4. 2019
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jozef Markoš, DrSc. and programme supervisor

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