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Course syllabus N421C0_4I - Chemical Physics (FCFT - WS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Chemical Physics
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits:
Exam (4 credits)
Course contents:
Classical physics failure (black-body radiation, haet capacity of solids, photoelectricity, line spectra of atoms). Basic terms and postulates of quantum mechanics. Schrodinger euation. Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Particle in a box. Linear harmonic oscillator. Rigid rotor. Hydrogen atom. Quantum mechanics of rotation and spin momentum. Time-inde[endent perturbation method. Variation method. Many-body problem in quantum mechanics. Slater determinant. Hartree-Fock equations.

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