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Course syllabus B-NJ - German Language (FEEIT - SS 2018/2019)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Course unit title: German Language
Course unit code: B-NJ
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits: Exam (2 credits)
Name of lecturer: PhDr. Jarmila Belasová (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Mgr. Ľudmila Solenská, PhD. (examiner, instructor, person responsible for course) - slovak
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Development of language competence necessary for academic and professional communication.
Listening: understanding a more extensive passage and lecture, ability to follow complex argumentation provided the listener is relatively familiar with the topic.
Speaking: ability to discuss different problems, justify own opinion, object and critise in a constructive manner.
reading: ability to select, compare and order information in a text, understand its sequence.
Writing: ability to write a concise and complex text referring to the field of study using appropirate szntax and terminology.
Prerequisites and co-requisites: none
Course contents:
The students acquire the language skills enabling them to communicate in the target language and live or study in a German speaking country. They should be able to get information in their professional area, publish their own results and maintain contact in German language environment. They should be aware of cultural differences, be able to reflect them by extending their vocabulary and means of non-verbal communication.
Recommended or required reading:
DRMLOVÁ, D. -- HOMOLKOVÁ, B. -- KETTNEROVÁ, D. -- TESAŘOVÁ, L. Nemecky s úsmevom 2. Zvolen : Edičné stredisko VŠE, 1994. 339 p. ISBN 80-967188-8-6.
BECKER, N. Fachdeutsch Technik Metall- und Elektroberufe: Grundbuch. Ismaning : Max Hueber Verlag, 1983. 127 p. ISBN 3-19-001290-3.
Hauptkurs. Kursbuch: Deutsch als Fremdsprache -Niveaustufe B2. Ismaning : Hueber, 2008. 160 p. ISBN 978-3-19-501695-7.

HARTMANN,E.: Basiswissen Technik, Bildungsverlag EINS,2008, 264 s. ISBN 978-3-427-40116-2

Planned learning activities and teaching methods: seminars 2 hrs/week
Assesment methods and criteria: 2 written tests, min. 28 points each
Examination - written test, min. 28 points

Written tests 60%

Examination 40%
Language of instruction: Slovak, German
Work placement(s): There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.

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