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Course syllabus I-NKS - Design and cryptanalysis of ciphers (FEEIT - WS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Course unit code: I-NKS
Course unit title: Design and cryptanalysis of ciphers
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits: Exam (6 credits)
Course contents:
1 The use of cryptography in information security, computer models of cryptographic primitives, perfect block and stream ciphers, hash functions, asymmetric cryptography
2 Generic attacks : brute-force, meet- in- the-middle, Hellman attack, Time-Memory Trade-Off
3 Boolean functions and their properties, composition of Boolean functions, Shannon approach to cipher design, product ciphers , confusion , diffusion, SPN
4 Linear and differential cryptanalysis of SPN
5 Design of AES , wide-trail strategy
6 Performance and security of AES
7 Modes of block ciphers, attacks on CBC, attacks on SSL
8 Stream ciphers - LFSR based design, RC4, attacks on stream ciphers
9 Hash functions and MAC - construction, use and attacks
10 Asymmetric cryptography - an overview, selected algorithms: RSA, DSA​​, ECDSA
11 Asymmetric cryptography - attacks and security, post-quantum cryptography
12 Side channels

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