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Sylabus predmetu BEIN05_6I - Safety Engineering (MTF - WS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
Course unit code: BEIN05_6I
Course unit title: Safety Engineering
Mode of completion and Number of ECTS credits: Exam (5 credits)
Course contents:
1.Basic concepts. Terminology. (allowance 2/2)
a.Resources for managing security risks

2.Industrial accident. Case Studies (allowance 2/2)
a.The method of risk analysis checklist, point method (practical part)

3.Legislation. Technical standards (allowance 2/2)
a.HAZOP risk analysis method (solving the case study)

4.Risk management. Risk analysis methods (allowance 2/2)
a.The method of risk analysis, FTA, ETA (solution case study)

5.A system OHS management (allowance 2/2)
a.The method of risk analysis, FMEA, FMECA (solution case study)

6.Chemical and biological factors in the working environment (allowance 2/2)
a.Risk assessment in accordance with EN 615111-3 (solution case study)

7.Physical workplace factors. Hygrothermal microclimate. Light work (allowance 2/2)
a.Checklist to perform a security audit

8.Physical workplace factors. Noise and vibration (allowance 2/2)
a.Factors working environment, working in solid aerosols. environment (theory)

9.Workplace hazard identification and safety risk management (allowance 2/2)
a.Hygrothermal microclimate, lighting in the workplace (measuring light and microclimate conditions

10.The safety of the working environment and the human factor (allowance 2/2)
a.Noise and vibration (noise measurement)

11.Audit safety (allowance 2/2)
a.Modelling of the dispersion of a hazardous substance

12.Assessing the risks of fire and explosion (allowance 2/2)
a.The fire, burning, burning fumes. Types of fires and their impacts on the environment

13.Product Safety (allowance 2/2)
a.Safety assessment of selected product

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