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Sylabus predmetu ZPOI05_6B - Basic of Fire Engineering (MTF - SS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
Course unit code: ZPOI05_6B
Course unit title: Basic of Fire Engineering
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture2 hours weekly / 26 hours per semester of study (on-site method)
26 hours per semester of study (combined method)
workshop1 hour weekly / 13 hours per semester of study (on-site method)
13 hours per semester of study (combined method)
laboratory/construction practice1 hour weekly / 13 hours per semester of study (on-site method)
13 hours per semester of study (combined method)

Credits allocated: 6
Recommended semester/trimester: Integrated Safety - bachelor (compulsory), 4. semester
Integrated Safety - bachelor (compulsory), 4. semester
Level of study: 1.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
Two credit tests 2 x 10 points. Processing of the project 20 points. Min 56% success
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Students will learn the basic concepts of fire engineering, acquire knowledge of the foundations of the burning process. They shall be taught patterns and physical chemistry of combustion of gaseous substances, liquids and solids and the determination of fire-technical characteristics of substances. Obtain information about ignition sources. They will be able to assess the chemical structure of the potential formation of combustion gases and the possibility of managing this process on the basis of literature data and laboratory results. To acquaint themselves with fire-technical equipment and the basic principles of venting smoke and heat.
Course contents:
Fundamentals of combustion processes
Fire and its development
Combustion gases, liquids and solids and the chemistry of burning substances
Physico-chemical properties of flammable materials
Fire technical characteristics of combustible materials
Dealing with flammable substances
Principles interrupt the burning process
Accompanying phenomena during combustion: heat, smoke, toxic and corrosive substances and residues after combustion
Recommended or required reading:
BALOG, K. -- KVARČÁK, M. Dynamika požáru. Ostrava : SPBI, 1999. 118 p. ISBN 80-86111-44-X.
KALOUSEK, J. Základy fyzikální chemie hoření, výbuchu a hašení. Ostrava : SPBI, 1999. 203 p. ISBN 80-86111-34-2.
ŠENOVSKÝ, M. -- BALOG, K. -- KVARČÁK, M. -- BEBČÁK, P. -- NETOPILOVÁ, M. -- BRADÁČOVÁ, I. -- PROKOP, P. Základy požárního inženýrství. Ostrava : SPBI, 2004. 178 p. ISBN 80-86634-50-7.

Kvarčák, M.: Základy požární ochrany. Edice Spektrum, 44. SPBI Ostrava 2005. ISBN: 80-86634-76-0. 134 s.

Language of instruction: slovak or english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 567

9,7 %17,5 %27,7 %18,0 %26,8 %0,3 %
Name of lecturer(s): prof. Ing. Karol Balog, PhD. (examiner, lecturer) - slovak
Ing. Ivan Hrušovský, PhD. (instructor) - slovak
doc. Ing. Jozef Martinka, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course) - slovak
Last modification: 21. 3. 2019
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Jozef Martinka, PhD. and programme supervisor

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