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Course syllabus B1-SM1 - Building Materials 1 (FCE - SS 2018/2019)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Course unit code: B1-SM1
Course unit title: Building Materials 1
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture2 hours weekly (on-site method)
seminar2 hours weekly (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 5
Recommended semester/trimester: Building Technology and Management - bachelor (compulsory), 2. semester
Level of study: 1.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
The laboratory protocols are graded by a maximum of 10 points. The minimum threshold for passing is 5 points. After receiving a total of 10 points, 2 points from that amount will be added to the final test. If you receive 9 points, 1 point will be added to the final test.

The final test – in order to receive A you need to get 26-25 points, B is 24 – 23 points, C is 22 – 21 points, D is 20 – 1 points and finally is you score between 18 – 17 points you’ll get E.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Student obtains encyclopaedical knowledge in the wide field that covers a whole range of building materials. The knowledge includes above all important information on physical and chemical properties of building materials, manufacturing processes, products types and their appropriate use, and information on testing methods for determining properties of these materials. The students, by completing this course are expected to obtain a basic orientation in the wide range of building materials. Such an orientation is necessary for a bachelor for his professional career.
Course contents:
• Characteristics of building materials. Basic physical and chemical properties of building materials.
• Basic raw materials for industry of building materials. Building stone and aggregate. Properties and use. Rock and stone products and their use.
• Ceramic building materials (products, use and testing of their properties). Glass: manufacture, types of glass and application of glass products.
• Binders. Characteristics and classification of binders. Manufacture and use of inorganic binders; testing of properties of binders.
• Concrete. Characteristics and classification of concrete. Constituents of concrete; properties of fresh and hardened concrete; testing of properties of fresh and hardened concrete.
• Products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, timber and polymers for building industry.
• Insulating materials. Types and characteristics of insulations. Properties and use of materials for thermal insulation and hydroinsulation.
Recommended or required reading:
SVOBODA, L. Stavební hmoty. Bratislava: Jaga group, v.o.s., 2004.
ROUSEKOVÁ, I. Stavebné materiály. Bratislava: Jaga group, v.o.s., 2000.

Language of instruction: slovak
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 723

9,3 %17,0 %22,4 %29,6 %21,0 %0,7 %
Name of lecturer(s): Ing. Valéria Gregorová, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Ing. Miriam Ledererová, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Ing. Alena Struhárová, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer) - slovak
Ing. Zuzana Štefunková, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
prof. Ing. Stanislav Unčík, PhD. (lecturer, person responsible for course) - slovak
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Supervisor: prof. Ing. Stanislav Unčík, PhD. and programme supervisor

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