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Course syllabus D1-ZTS - Sanitary Systems (FCE - 2019/2020 - post-graduate studies)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Course unit code: D1-ZTS
Course unit title: Sanitary Systems
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
workshop2 hours weekly / 26 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 5
Recommended semester/trimester: Theory and Environmental Technology of Buildings - doctoral (semi-compulsory), 1. year
Level of study: 3.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
Student shall develop a written report with the specified issue.
Student is examined orally for passing the subject by evaluation: passed
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Graduate gains knowledge of design of water supply of buildings, discharge of sewage and rainwater in civil engineering and gas supply of buildings. Acquaint themselves with the latest technical solutions of progressive sanitary appliances with purpose to meet the technical and operational requirements in accordance with current European standards.
Course contents:
- Design of a progressive water systems for supplying buildings with water (for human consumption, for fire-fighting, for domestic hot water).
- Hydraulic balancing of distribution systems of cold and hot water in buildings, designing of modern systems with water treatment for drinking and sanitary.
- Technological equipment for swimming pools, medical service, kitchen services, laundry, washrooms and fountains.
- Designing of drainage systems for sewage and storm water, drainage of roofs and paved areas.
- Utilization of gray water, systems with soakage pit, utilization of heat from sewage systems.
- Devices for gas offtakes, gas supply of buildings, design and operation of the gas distribution systems in buildings.
Recommended or required reading:
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Language of instruction: slovak and english or english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 4

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Name of lecturer(s): doc. Ing. Jana Peráčková, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, person responsible for course) - slovak, english
Last modification: 31. 10. 2017
Supervisor: doc. Ing. Jana Peráčková, PhD. and programme supervisor

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