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Course syllabus 200S0_4I - Mechanical Equipment for Environmental Technologies (FCFT - WS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Course unit code: 200S0_4I
Course unit title: Mechanical Equipment for Environmental Technologies
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture2 hours weekly (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 3
Recommended semester/trimester: Environmental Protection Technologies - master (optional), 3. semester
Level of study: 2.
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
The completion of study and evaluation of the knowledge level are expressed as a percentage range: 92-100% of knowledge - A, 83-91% of knowledge - B, 74-82% of knowledge - C, 65-73% of knowledge - D, 56-64% of knowledge - E, 0-55% of knowledge - FX
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
To obtain the knowledge of the operation principles of equipment for the technologies designed to capture, manipulate and process a waste.
Become familiar with the principles of design and construction of equipment used in modern environmental technologies.
Getting an overview about the critical operating parameters of machinery that underlies the high efficiency of implemented processes for the protection of environment.
Course contents:
Basic principles of machinery and equipment for environment protection technology.
Hydromechanical separation processes.
Aeromechanical separation.
Basic principles of multiphase transport systems.
Processing technologies for separation of components from multiphase systems.
Critical parameters for the optimal selection of equipment in the wastewater processing technology.
The basic rules of thumb for the design and construction of machines and equipment of processing lines.
Corrosion and protection against degradation of structural materials.
Recommended or required reading:
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Language of instruction: slovak or english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 55

49,1 %34,5 %14,5 %1,9 %0 %0 %
Name of lecturer(s): prof. Ing. Marián Peciar, PhD. (person responsible for course) - slovak
Last modification: 29. 1. 2019
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Marián Peciar, PhD. and programme supervisor

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