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Course syllabus B-PT - Programing techniques (FEEIT - WS 2019/2020)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Course unit code:
Course unit title: Programing techniques
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
2 hours weekly (on-site method)
2 hours weekly (distance method)
laboratory/construction practice
2 hours weekly (on-site method)
2 hours weekly (distance method)

Credits allocated:
Recommended semester/trimester: Applied Informatics - bachelor (compulsory), 3. semester
Level of study: 1.
Prerequisites for registration:
passed Programming 2 (B-PROG2) or passed Algorithms and Programmings (B-ALPRI)
Assesment methods:
During semester will be two programming tests, for each test it is possible to obtain 10 points. For solving programming assignments during semester, it is possible to obtain 10 points. For written exam it is possible to obtain 70 points. In order to get A grade at least 92 points are necessary, to get B grade at least 82 points are necessary, to get C grade at least 74 points are necessary, to get D grade at least 65 points are necessary, to get E grade at least 56 points are necessary.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The student will acquire detailed knowledge of the C++ programming language, detailed knowledge of algorithms for sorting and searching as well as detailed knowledge of basic data strructures.
Course contents:
1. Introduction to the C++ programming language, pointers, arrays, types.
2. Searching and sorting: quick sort, merge sort, bubble sort, insertion sort, heap sort.
3. Time and space complexity of algorithms, linked list, recursion.
4. Classes, objects, methods, namespace, constructors, destructors, this pointer, dynamic memory allocation, static objects.
5. STL: standard template library.
6. Binary search tree, red-black tree.
7. Containers: queue, deque, list, map, vector, multiset.
8. Function overloading, operator overloading
9. Polymorphism, templates.
10. Dynamic cast, exception handling.
11. Breadth-first search, depth-first search, shortest path.
12. Abstract classes, virtual functions.
Recommended or required reading:
STROUSTRUP, B. The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition. USA: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2013. 1368 p. ISBN 978-0-321-56384-2.
CORMEN, T H. -- LEISERSON, C E. -- RIVEST, R L. -- STEIN, C. Introduction to Algorithms. Massachusetts : The MIT Press, 2009. 1292 p. ISBN 978-0-262-03384-8.

Language of instruction:
slovak or english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 1209

7,0 %
12,7 %
20,1 %
23,4 %
29,7 %
7,1 %
Name of lecturer(s):
Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda (examiner, lecturer, person responsible for course) - slovak, english
Ing. Pavol Marák, PhD. (instructor, lecturer) - slovak, english
Ing. Vladislav Novák (instructor, lecturer) - slovak, english
Last modification:
23. 9. 2019
Dr. rer. nat. Martin Drozda and programme supervisor

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