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Course syllabus N416D1_4I - Digital Printing (FCFT - SS 2020/2021)

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Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Course unit code:
Course unit title:
Digital Printing
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
lecture2 hours weekly (on-site method)
seminar1 hour weekly (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 3
Recommended semester/trimester: Natural and Synthetic Polymers - master (semi-compulsory), 2. semester
Level of study:
Prerequisites for registration:
Assesment methods:
Student receives credit for the subject if completes exercises digital typography and text processing and successfully completed the written-oral exam.
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
The student understands the principles of graphic communication technologies. Is able to use page layout programs for the preparation of single and multi-page documents in accordance with typographical rules. He can identify typographical errors in documents. He understands the role of proofs, techniques for their preparation, and their role in the production chain. He knows the principles of reproduction grayscale values and color by printing. He knows the principles of digital techniques for recording text-image information on print plate - Computer to Plate technology. He knows the principles of digital printing techniques. He can evaluate their production capabilities and areas of application.

Course contents:
Graphic arts industry, media, print media and printed products. Pre-press, press and post-press processes. Conventional and digital printing techniques.
Digital text processing, typography, typefaces, digital type fonts, text processing and paragraphs formatting, text editing and page layout software, page description languages, raster image processor.
Reproduction of gray levels in printing, half-toning, types of screens, techniques of screening, parameters of half-tone structures.
Reproduction of colors in printing, subtractive mixing of colors, techniques of preparation separations.
Proofs and proofing in print production process. Digital certified contract proof.
Computer to… technologies – computer to film, computer to plate, computer to print, principles of plate-setters, lasers types.
Digital electrophotography, principles, processes in printing units, materials for electrophotography, production printing systems.
Digital inkjet printing, principles, printing heads, drops to ink generation, materials for inkjet, production inkjet printing systems.
Thermography, magnetography and other digital printing techniques.
Recommended or required reading:
PANÁK, J. -- DVONKA, V. -- ČEPPAN, M. -- JAKUCEWICZ, S. -- KORDOŠ, P. -- KARPISKÝ, Ľ. Základy polygrafie. Bratislava: TypoSet v spolupráci so Zväzom polygrafie na Slovensku, 2008. 262 p. ISBN 978-80-970069-0-7.
KAPLANOVÁ, M. Moderní polygrafie. Praha: Svaz polygrafických podnikatelů , 2009. 395 p. ISBN 978-80-254-4230-2.
LINK, W J. -- MUIR, P I. -- CLEM, J C. Prepress for Digital Printing. USA: Xerox Corporation, 2005. 78 p.
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AMBROSE, G. -- HARRIS, P. Typografie. Praha: ComputerPress, 2010. 175 p. ISBN 978-80-251296-7-8.

International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies. 2006.
KIPPHAN, H. Handbook of Print Media: Technologies and Production Methods. + CD-ROM. Berlin : Springer Verlag, 2001. 1207 p. ISBN 3-540-67326-1.

Language of instruction:
slovak or english
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 38

23,7 %
23,7 %
28,9 %
7,9 %
13,2 %
2,6 %
Name of lecturer(s):
prof. Ing. Michal Čeppan, PhD. (person responsible for course)
Ing. Vladimír Dvonka, PhD. (examiner, instructor, lecturer) - slovak, english
Last modification:
29. 4. 2020
prof. Ing. Michal Čeppan, PhD. and programme supervisor

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