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Course syllabus B1-VT_G - Field Practice in Surveying (FCE - SS 2016/2017)

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University: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Faculty: Faculty of Civil Engineering
Course unit code: B1-VT_G
Course unit title: Field Practice in Surveying
Mode of delivery, planned learning activities and teaching methods:
special seminar80 hours per semester of study (on-site method)

Credits allocated: 2
Recommended semester/trimester: Geodesy and Cartography - bachelor (compulsory), 2. semester
Landscaping and Landscape Planning - bachelor (compulsory), 2. semester
Level of study: -- item not defined --
Prerequisites for registration: none
Assesment methods:
work-in-progress check-up
Learning outcomes of the course unit:
Improving and completing practical experience and progress in building up and determining the points of position and elevation point field. Creation of the planimetry-hypsography map of the area of interest in the scale 1:500. Topographic plan of built--up holiday area.
Course contents:
- Reconnaissance of terrain, building up of the point network of position and elevation point field and point coordinate determination of dual-sided attached and oriented traverse.
- Field comparison of measuring tape using working etalons, determination of addition constant of electronic tachometer, checking of main constraint of leveling instrument.
- Points elevation determination of point field using technical leveling and compensator leveling instrument with connection to the points of state leveling network, determination of the elevations of points using trigonometric leveling.
- Realization of the tachometric measurements in the interest area using filiform autoreduction and electronic tachometry, compressing detail position point field by tachometric traverse, doubled station and station.
- Making out specific map from the whole area of interest in the scale 1:500, checking hypsography using Profiles, representation of measured Profiles and their comparing with Profiles received cartometrically.
- Settling and surveying the measuring network by one measuring line, surveying of planimetry by method of polar and orthogonal coordinates, representation of planimetry in the scale.
Recommended or required reading:
SOKOL, Š. -- BAJTALA, M. -- JEŽKO, J. Výučba v teréne z geodézie. STU Bratislava: STU Bratislava, 2003.
SOKOL, Š. -- MICHALČÁK, S. Geodézia: Meranie uhlov a dľžok. Bratislava : STU v Bratislave, 1999. 245 p. ISBN 80-227-1163-2.
JEŽKO, J. -- SOKOL, Š. -- VYBÍRAL, P. Geodézia II: Elektronické meranie dľžok. Bratislava : STU v Bratislave, 2005. 96 p. ISBN 80-227-2194-8.

Language of instruction: slovak
Courses evaluation:
Assessed students in total: 184

37,5 %47,3 %11,4 %1,6 %0,5 %1,7 %
Name of lecturer(s): Ing. Marek Bajtala, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Ing. Robert Geisse, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Ing. Veronika Hašková, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
doc. Ing. Ľubica Hudecová, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
Ing. Ján Ježko, PhD. (examiner, instructor) - slovak
prof. Ing. Štefan Sokol, PhD. (examiner, instructor, person responsible for course) - slovak
Last modification: 24. 2. 2016
Supervisor: prof. Ing. Štefan Sokol, PhD. and programme supervisor

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