Oct 21, 2020   0:24 a.m. Uršuľa
Academic information system

Searching persons at STU

This application allows you to search for selected person at STU. You can search either by name, surname, login or ID number, disregarding diacritics. It is necessary to type in the minimum of three characters of any arbitrary name or surname sub-string.

Enter the person's name  

 Faculty of Civil Engineering
 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
 Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
 Faculty of Architecture and Design
 Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava
 Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
 Rektorát a ostatné univerzitné pracoviská STU
 Folk dance and music ensemble Technik
 Multimediálne centrum STU
 Centrum akademického športu
 Student houses and canteens
 Study and training house in Gabčíkovo
 Outside staff

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