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Ing. Martin Garan, PhD.
Identification number: 10008
University e-mail: martin.garan [at] stuba.sk
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of applied mechanics and mechatronics (FME)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Diploma thesis
Thesis title:Wireless communication of 7th axis resolver of an industrial robot
Written by (author): Ing. Cibi Chakravarthi Narayanan
Department: Institute of applied mechanics and mechatronics (FME)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Martin Garan, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. Róbert Ďurka, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:English

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Title of the thesis:Wireless communication of 7th axis resolver of an industrial robot
Summary:This diploma thesis is devoted to replace the resolver cable in welding robots by ZIGBEE wireless communication module. The replacing work has been done to avoid wiring damages from the Serial Measurement Board (SMB) to Robot end. The controlling unit used here is PIC Microcontroller which transmits the feedback data from the seventh axis of the robot to the SMB in the manipulator of the robot through RS232 cable based on the feedback data transmitted the welding operation is carried out with a predefined angle of rotation, these waveforms are in the form of Sine and Cosine waves. Each wave represents the angular position of the 7th axis motor and they have to be transmitted from resolver end to SMB with zero error and higher accuracy.
Key words:7th Axis Resolver, Serial measurement board, Zig-BEE wireless module, feedback of resolver

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