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Ing. Michal Gramblička, PhD.
Identification number: 10208
University e-mail: michal.gramblicka [at]
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (ICEE FCFT)

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Ord.PublicationsType of resultYearDetails
1.Enzymatic hydrolysis of cyclodextrins
Liba, Tomáš -- Gramblička, Michal
Enzymatická hydrolýza cyklodextrínov. Diploma thesis. 2018.
final thesis2018Details
2.Rozklad β-cyklodextrínov komerčnou α-amylázou
Liba, Tomáš -- Gramblička, Michal -- Polakovič, Milan
Decomposition of β-cyclodextrin by commercial α-amylases. In BLAHUŠIAK, M. -- MIHAĽ, M. Proceedings of the 45th International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering, Tatranské Matliare, Slovakia 21.-25.5.2018. Bratislava: Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering, 2018, p. 48. ISBN 978-80-89597-89-5.
contributions in anthologies, chapters in monographs/textbooks, abstracts2018Details
3.Vnútorná štruktúra chromatografickej membrány analyzovaná pomocou mikroskopických techník
Gramblička, Michal -- Kurák, Tomáš -- Polakovič, Milan
Internal structure of chromatographic membranes analyzed by microscopic techniques. In ISPPP 2018, 38th International Symposium on the Separation of Proteins, Peptides and Polynucleotides, Berlin, 4.-7.11.2018. Rakúsko: acib GmbH (Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology), 2018, p. 73.
contributions in anthologies, chapters in monographs/textbooks, abstracts2018Details
4.Vývoj chromatografického procesu na získanie 2-fenyletanolu zo zmesi po biotransformácii
Polakovič, Milan -- Šimko, Ivan -- Illeová, Viera -- Gramblička, Michal
Development of a chromatographic process for the recovery of 2-phenylethanol from a post-biotransformation mixture. In Bioflavour 2018, Biotechnology of Flavours, Fragrance and Functional Ingredients, 18.-21. September 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Frankfurt am Main: DECHEMA e.V., 2018, p. 147.
contributions in anthologies, chapters in monographs/textbooks, abstracts2018Details

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