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doc. Ing. Andrej Babinec, PhD.
Identification number: 11598
University e-mail: 2003230014 [at] stuba.sk
University e-mail: andrej.babinec [at] stuba.sk
Docent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics (FEEIT)

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1.Collection of objects using a mobile robotic arm
Valkovič, Šimon -- Babinec, Andrej
Zber objektov pomocou mobilného robotického ramena. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 65 p.
final thesis2018Details
2.Connection of Force Sensor and Robotic Manipulator in ROS
Gregor, Radovan -- Babinec, Andrej
Prepojenie silového senzora a robotického manipulátora v ROS. Diploma thesis. 2018. 98 p.
final thesis2018Details
3.Detection of Moving Objects
Smutný, Martin -- Babinec, Andrej
Detekcia pohyblivých objektov. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 40 p.
final thesis2018Details
4.Image Processing for Robotics Needs
Plachý, Tomáš -- Babinec, Andrej
Spracovanie obrazu pre potreby v robotike. Diploma thesis. 2018. 66 p.
final thesis2018Details
5.Interconnection of Visual System with an Industrial Robot
Frajt, Marcel -- Babinec, Andrej
Prepojenie vizuálneho systému s priemyselným robotom. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 52 p.
final thesis2018Details
6.Logistics Robot Control in ROS Framework
Domonkos, Bálint -- Babinec, Andrej
Riadenie logistického robota v prostredí ROS. Diploma thesis. 2018. 56 p.
final thesis2018Details
7.Methodology for testing production line comissioning (1)
Duchoň, František -- Babinec, Andrej -- Dekanová, Martina -- Mudrák, Maroš -- Korec, Stanislav
Metodológia na testovanie nábehu výrobných liniek (1). ATP Journal, 25. p. 40--41.
articles in magazines2018Details
8.Modeling an Automated Cooling Rack in Plant Simulation
Prekop, Matej -- Babinec, Andrej
Modelovanie automatizovaného vychladzovacieho regálu v prostredí Plant Simulation. Diploma thesis. 2018. 79 p.
final thesis2018Details
9.Moving obstacles detection based on laser range finder measurements
Dekan, Martin -- Duchoň, František -- Babinec, Andrej -- Rodina, Jozef -- Rau, Dávid -- Musič, Josip
Moving obstacles detection based on laser range finder measurements. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 15. p. 1.
articles in magazines2018Details
10.Programming of Arduino Robot
Bielik, Andrej -- Babinec, Andrej
Programovanie Arduino robota. Diploma thesis. 2018. 73 p.
final thesis2018Details
11.Reactive navigation of mobile robots.
Babinec, Andrej
Reaktívna navigácia mobilných robotov. Habilitation thesis. 2018.
final thesis2018Details
12.Reaktívna navigácia mobilných robotov
Babinec, Andrej
Reaktívna navigácia mobilných robotov. Habilitation thesis. Bratislava: 2018. 142 p.
final thesis2018Details
13.Robot Motion Control Based on RGBD Camera
Grega, Michal -- Babinec, Andrej
Riadenie pohybu robota na základe RGBD kamery. Diploma thesis. 2018. 51 p.
final thesis2018Details
14.Robotic Manipulator Control in ROS Framework
Halász, Peter -- Babinec, Andrej
Riadenie robotického manipulátora v prostredí ROS. Diploma thesis. 2018. 68 p.
final thesis2018Details
15.ROS Utilization for Control of Industrial Manipulator
Horváth, Anton -- Babinec, Andrej
Využitie ROS pri riadení priemyselného manipulátora. Diploma thesis. 2018. 59 p.
final thesis2018Details
16.Vector Field Histogram* with look-ahead tree extension dependent on time variable environment
Babinec, Andrej -- Duchoň, František -- Dekan, Martin -- Mikulová, Zuzana -- Jurišica, Ladislav
Vector Field Histogram* with look-ahead tree extension dependent on time variable environment. Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 40. p. 1250--1264.
articles in magazines2018Details

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