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Ing. Ľuboš Chovanec, PhD.
Identification number: 16076
University e-mail: 2003250209 [at]
University e-mail: lubos.chovanec [at]
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics (FEEIT)

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Ord.PublicationsType of resultYearDetails
1.Automatic Measuring and Calibration System
Kmeť, Peter -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Automatizovaný merací a kalibračný systém. Diploma thesis. 2018. 73 p.
final thesis2018Details
2.Automatica 2018 - from collaborative robots to collaborative applications
Duchoň, František -- Chovanec, Ľuboš -- Mudrák, Maroš -- Korec, Stanislav
Automatica 2018 - od spolupracujúcich robotov k spolupracujúcim aplikáciám. ATP Journal, 25. p. 48--51.
articles in magazines2018Details
3.Conveyor for Interaction with Human
Poleč, Ondrej -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Dopravníkový pás pre interakciu s človekom. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 40 p.
final thesis2018Details
4.Dicycle Robot
Kalivoda, Marek -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Dicycle robot. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 39 p.
final thesis2018Details
5.Intuitive Graphical Editor for Generation of Robot Trajectories
Polák, Dávid -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Intuitívny grafický editor sekvencií pohybov robota. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 41 p.
final thesis2018Details
6.Positioning of Cartesian Mechanism
Fabik, Branislav -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Polohovanie kartézskeho mechanizmu. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 45 p.
final thesis2018Details
7.Robot Line Follower
Dano, Dominik -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Robot Stopár. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 55 p.
final thesis2018Details
8.Sorting workstation of cable terminals
Greguš-Kohút, Jakub -- Chovanec, Ľuboš
Triediace pracovisko káblových koncoviek. Bachelor thesis. 2018. 56 p.
final thesis2018Details
9.Usage of android operating system for mobile robot navigation with optical flow algorithm and significant points 3D position estimation
Pásztó, Peter -- Kľúčik, Marian -- Chovanec, Ľuboš -- Duchoň, František -- Hubinský, Peter
Usage of android operating system for mobile robot navigation with optical flow algorithm and significant points 3D position estimation. International Journal of Imaging and Robotics, 18. p. 54--64.
articles in magazines2018Details

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