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prof. Ing. Mária Bieliková, PhD.
Identification number: 1871
University e-mail: maria.bielikova [at] stuba.sk
Profesorka DrSc. - Institute of Informatics, Information Systems and Software Engineering (FIIT)
Dean - Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
DP8E_IIS_DDisseration's ThesisFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP6_IIS_DDisseration's ThesisFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP3_IIS_DDissertation ExaminationFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP4E_IIS_DDissertation ExaminationFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP1_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP1E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP2_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IIFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP2E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IIeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP3E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IIIeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP4_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project IVFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP5_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project VFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP5E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project VeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP6E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project VIeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
DP7E_IIS_DDoctorals Thesis Project VIIeFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
FLP_BFunctional and Logic ProgrammingFIITSS 2018/2019
PSTAZ_IIndustrial InternshipFIITSS 2018/2019
DP3_ISMaster's thesisFIITSS 2018/2019
DP3_ISSMaster's thesisFIITSS 2018/2019
DP1_ISSMaster's thesis project IFIITSS 2018/2019
DP2_ISSMaster's thesis project IIFIITSS 2018/2019
DP2_ISMaster's thesis project IIFIITSS 2018/2019
VYBSEM_BOptional SeminarFIITSS 2018/2019
PSI_BPrinciples of Software EngineeringFIITSS 2018/2019
VPP_UISI_IResearch Project WorkFIITSS 2018/2019
VOS1_BResearch seminar IFIITSS 2018/2019
VOS3_BResearch seminar IIIFIITSS 2018/2019
VPR2_IIS_DResearch WorkFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
VPR2EIIS_DResearch WorkFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
VPR1_IIS_DResearch WorkFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
VPR1EIIS_DResearch WorkFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
PSPE_IIS_DSubject of SpecializationFIIT2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
TP2_ITeam Project IIFIITSS 2018/2019

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