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prof. Ing. Ivan Baroňák, PhD.
Identification number: 1925
University e-mail: ivan.baronak [at]
Profesor CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Multimedia Information and Communication Technologies (FEEIT)

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Ord.PublicationsType of resultYearDetails
1.Broadcast / multicast in VANET networks
Vertaľ, Damián -- Baroňák, Ivan
Broadcast/multicast v sieťach typu VANET. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 47 p.
final thesis2019Details
2.Deploying LTE technology
Letenay, Jakub -- Baroňák, Ivan
Nasadenie LTE technológie. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 46 p.
final thesis2019Details
3.Design of IPTV architecture
Schnierer, Marek -- Baroňák, Ivan
Návrh IPTV architektúry. Diploma thesis. 2019. 59 p.
final thesis2019Details
4.HSS database and its optimization
Škunda, Juraj -- Baroňák, Ivan
Databáza HSS a jej optimalizácia. Diploma thesis. 2019. 58 p.
final thesis2019Details
5.IMS - Presence Service
Demeterová, Lucia -- Baroňák, Ivan
IMS – služba prítomnosti. Diploma thesis. 2019. 45 p.
final thesis2019Details
Ďurčovič, Norbert -- Baroňák, Ivan
IPTV v IMS. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 39 p.
final thesis2019Details
7.IVR system
Rehák, Jaroslav -- Baroňák, Ivan
IVR systém. Diploma thesis. 2019. 60 p.
final thesis2019Details
8.LTE and PSTN
Pilko, Matej -- Baroňák, Ivan
LTE a PSTN. Diploma thesis. 2019. 67 p.
final thesis2019Details
9.Networks for SMART applications - LiFi technology
Hecl, David -- Baroňák, Ivan
Siete pre SMART aplikácie – technológia LiFi. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 43 p.
final thesis2019Details
10.Proposal of Admission Control Methods for Data and VoIP Services
Holienčin, Marek -- Baroňák, Ivan
Návrh metód riadenia prístupu pre dátové a VoIP služby. Diploma thesis. 2019. 55 p.
final thesis2019Details
11.The co-ordination of network elements in the VANET network
Koštial, Jakub -- Baroňák, Ivan
Vzájomná koordinácia elementov siete v sieti typu VANET. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 29 p.
final thesis2019Details
12.VoIP in IMS - Virtual Contact Center
Dravecký, Dalibor -- Baroňák, Ivan
VoIP v IMS – virtuálne kontaktné centrum. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 48 p.
final thesis2019Details

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