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prof. Ing. Peter Farkaš, DrSc.
Identification number: 1933
University e-mail: peter.farkas [at] stuba.sk
Profesor DrSc. - Institute of Multimedia Information and Communication Technologies (FEEIT)

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Advaced of Coding TechnologiesP. FarkašVEGAsupervisor01.01.200931.12.2012
2 Codes for communicating with spacecrafts in deep spaceP. FarkašVEGAsupervisor01.01.201831.12.2021
3 CRUISE-complementsP. Farkaš-- Iný domáci --supervisor01.01.200731.07.2008
4 CRUISE - Creating Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing EnviromentsP. FarkašInformation society technologies (IST)supervisor01.01.200631.12.2007
5 Kódovanie pre distribuovanú informačnú infraštruktúru typu CloudP. FarkašVEGAsupervisor01.01.201331.12.2016
6 Network of Excellence in Wireless Applications and TechnologyP. FarkašUser-friendly information society (IST)supervisor01.01.200431.12.2005
7 Nové translačné a samoopravné kódy a iné digitálne techniky pre telekomunikačné siete a pamäťové systémyP. FarkašVEGAsupervisor01.01.200331.12.2005
8 Sophisticated techniques for transmission and coding of information in telecommunications and sensor networks.P. FarkašVEGAsupervisor01.01.200631.12.2008
9 Web-learning system for transfer of knowledge from project FP 6 CRUISE NoE-IST-4-02377389 (Creating Ubiquitous Intelligent Sensing Environments) - 6. Framework Program EC - priority 2- Information Society TechnologiesP. FarkašKEGAsupervisor01.07.200631.12.2008

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