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prof. Ing. František Uherek, PhD.
Identification number: 1937
University e-mail: frantisek.uherek [at]
Prorektor - Vedenie STU (REKP REK)
Profesor CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Electronics and Phototonics (FEEIT)
Vice-chancellor - Slovak university of technology in Bratislava
External colleague - Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management (MTF)

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Ord.PublicationsType of resultYearDetails
1.Cutting parameters research of cutting machine with solid state laser
Nemčík, Tomáš -- Uherek, František
Výskum rezných parametrov rezacieho stroja s pevnolátkovým vláknovým laserom. Diploma thesis. 2019. 82 p.
final thesis2019Details
2.Design and parameters simulation of devices for integrated photonics
Ziman, Martin -- Uherek, František
Návrh a simulácia parametrov prvkov pre integrovanú fotoniku. Diploma thesis. 2019. 51 p.
final thesis2019Details
3.Design and properties simulation of selected photonic devices
Feiler, Martin -- Uherek, František
Návrh a simulácia vlastností vybraných fotonických prvkov. Diploma thesis. 2019. 71 p.
final thesis2019Details
4.Optical frequency domain reflectometry
Chudjak, Dávid -- Uherek, František
Optická frekvenčná reflektometria. Bachelor thesis. 2019. 42 p.
final thesis2019Details
5.Preparation of silicon photonics structures
Podlucký, Ľuboš -- Uherek, František -- Chovan, Jozef
Preparation of silicon photonics structures. In KOZÁKOVÁ, A. ELITECH´19. Bratislava: Vydavateľstvo Spektrum STU, 2019, ISBN 978-80-227-4915-2.
contributions in anthologies, chapters in monographs/textbooks, abstracts2019Details
6.SiON/SiO structures for photonic devices
Podlucký, Ľuboš -- Chovan, Jozef -- Figura, Daniel -- Uherek, František -- Vojs, Marian
SiON/SiO structures for photonic devices. In JANDURA, D. -- ŠUŠLIK, Ľ. -- URBANCOVÁ, P. -- KOVÁČ, J. ADEPT 2019. Žilina: University of Žilina, 2019, p. 199--202. ISBN 978-80-554-1568-0.
contributions in anthologies, chapters in monographs/textbooks, abstracts2019Details

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