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doc. Ing. Rastislav Dosoudil, PhD.
Identification number: 1976
University e-mail: rastislav.dosoudil [at] stuba.sk
Docent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Electrical Engineering (FEEIT)

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Year of submission: Type of thesis:

Ord.StateTypeFinal thesisUntilDetails
1.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. Igor Foltín
Meranie a hodnotenie absorpčných vlastností materiálov určených pre zamedzenie vzniku vyžarovaných a vedených EM emisií v systémoch bezdrôtovej a mobilnej elektroniky
May 2009Displaying the final thesis
2.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Igor Foltín
Potlačenie EMI v telekomunikačných systémoch
May 2011Displaying the final thesis
3.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Ladislav Josko
Hybridné absorbátory pre obvody mobilných komunikačných systémov
May 2012Displaying the final thesis
4.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. Ladislav Josko
Možnosti zníženia vzájomného ovplyvňovania obvodov v mobilných komunikačných systémoch
May 2010Displaying the final thesis
5.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Kornel Lisý
Electromagnetic Interferences Reduction in Electronic Circuits of ICT Systems
May 2018Displaying the final thesis
6.Final thesis is in progressDisTWritten by (author): Ing. Kornel Lisý
Vysokofrekvenčné elektromagnetické vlastnosti elektronických kompozitných materiálových štruktúr
May 2021Displaying the final thesis
7.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. Kornel Lisý
Zvýšenie elektromagnetickej odolnosti automobilov
May 2016Displaying the final thesis

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BTBachelor thesis
DTDiploma thesis
DisTDissertation thesis
DisThPrDissertation thesis propositions
FtMBAFinal MBA thesis
Final thesisFinal thesis
FT(ILL)Final thesis - foreign students
FT(FS)Final thesis - Institute for Lifelong Learning
HabTHabilitation thesis
RigTRigorous thesis
Final thesis is incompleteFinal thesis is incomplete
Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.
Final thesis was successfully defended.Final thesis was successfully defended.
Final thesis is in progressFinal thesis is in progress