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doc. Ing. Martin Medvecký, PhD.
Identification number: 1980
University e-mail: martin.medvecky [at]
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Multimedia Information and Communication Technologies (FEEIT)

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Ord.PublicationsType of resultYearDetails
1.Application Servers for Multimedia Services in IMS networks
Žiak, Marek -- Medvecký, Martin
Aplikačné servery pre poskytovanie multimediálnych služieb v sieťach IMS. Diploma thesis. 2019. 68 p.
final thesis2019Details
2.Central Management of IP Network Security
Tkáčik, Martin -- Medvecký, Martin
Centrálna správa zabezpečenia IP siete. Diploma thesis. 2019. 88 p.
final thesis2019Details
3.Configuration of SDN using the OpenDaylight REST API
Plaskura, Patrik -- Medvecký, Martin
Spravovanie SDN sietí prostredníctvom OpenDaylight REST API. Diploma thesis. 2019. 72 p.
final thesis2019Details
4.Monitoring of Network Services
Gschill, František -- Medvecký, Martin
Centrálny dohľad nad službami v sieti. Diploma thesis. 2019. 65 p.
final thesis2019Details
5.Network and Services Monitoring
Štefanec, Jaroslav -- Medvecký, Martin
Monitorovanie sietí a služieb. Diploma thesis. 2019. 72 p.
final thesis2019Details
6.QoS Monitoring in VoIP
Chudják, Matej -- Medvecký, Martin
Monitorovanie kvality služby vo VoIP. Diploma thesis. 2019. 65 p.
final thesis2019Details
7.SDN controller Floodlight
Szeiff, Ladislav -- Medvecký, Martin
SDN kontrolér Floodlight. Diploma thesis. 2019. 65 p.
final thesis2019Details

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