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prof. Ing. Daniel Donoval, DrSc.
Identification number: 2039
University e-mail: daniel.donoval [at]
Profesor DrSc. - Institute of Electronics and Phototonics (FEEIT)
Director - Institute of Electronics and Phototonics (FEEIT)

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StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Advanced materials, process and structures of organic electronicsD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.05.201131.10.2014
2 Advanced technology of organic electronics-based sensorsD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.08.201830.06.2021
3 Analysis and characterization of advanced power electronic devices supported by 2/3D electrothermal modeling and simulationD. DonovalVEGAsupervisor01.01.201531.12.2018
4 Centre of Exelence NAno-MIcro-electronic, Optoelectronic and Sensoric TechnologiesD. DonovalAPVVsupervisor01.07.200831.12.2011
5 Centrum excelentnosti pre návrh, prípravu a diagnostiku nanoštruktúr pre elektroniku a fotoniku - NanoNetD. Donoval-- Iný domáci --supervisor01.05.200931.10.2011
6 Centrum excelentnosti pre návrh, prípravu a diagnostiku nanoštruktúr pre elektroniku a fotoniku 2 - NanoNet 2D. Donoval-- Iný domáci --supervisor01.01.201031.10.2012
7 Design, preparation and characterization of high speed power electronic devices based on submicron semiconductor suppored by 2/3-D modeling and simulationD. DonovalVEGAsupervisor01.01.200831.12.2010
8 Desing, characterization and simulation of electrophysical properties of power semiconductor structures and devices of submicrometer dimensionsD. DonovalVEGAsupervisor01.01.200531.12.2007
9 Development and optimization of preparation process of new generation of high speed power semiconductor devices and integrated ion submicron technologyD. DonovalAPVVsupervisor01.02.200231.08.2005
10 Energy Efficient Converters using GaN Power DevicesD. Donoval-- Iný medzinárodný --supervisor01.04.201331.12.2016
11 eRAMP – Excellence in Speed and Reliability for More than Moore TechnologyD. Donoval-- Iný medzinárodný --supervisor01.04.201431.05.2017
12 ERA Pilot MiNa TSI - Pilotný projekt v oblasti systémovej integrácie mikro/nano technológií v rámci Európskeho výskumného priestoru.D. Donoval6. rámcový programsupervisor01.05.200531.12.2007
13 EURODOTS ID. Donoval7th Framework Programmesupervisor01.04.201031.12.2010
14 Flexible FE/BE Sensor Pilot Line for the Internet of EverythingD. DonovalH2020: Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL)supervisor01.05.201630.04.2019
15 Flexible system for Internet of things with use of SMART sensorsD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.07.201730.06.2020
16 CHaracterization of electrical properties of HEMT and MOSHFET transistors on AlGaN(InAlN)/GaN heterostructures supported by 2/3-D MODeling and SIMulationD. DonovalAPVV - Program LPPsupervisor01.09.200931.08.2012
17 IDESA - Podpora nových foriem a obsahu výskumu a vzdelávania v oblasti progresívnych nanoelektronických prvkov a IOD. DonovalInformation and communication technologiessupervisor01.12.200831.12.2008
18 Innovative and energetic effective organic LED structures integrable in illuminating applications and low resolution displaysD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.07.201230.06.2015
19 Inovácia a rozšírenie laboratória analýzy nanorozmerných mikroelektronických, optoelektronických a senzorických technológiíD. Donoval-- Iný domáci --supervisor01.03.200731.12.2007
20 Models, Solutions, Methods and Tools for Energy - Aware DesignD. DonovalJoint Technology Initiatives (ENIAC)supervisor01.04.201031.03.2013
21 Návrh, výskum a príprava moderných elektronických systémov implementovaných v zdravotníckych zariadeniach pre zlepšenie kvality životaD. DonovalAPVVsupervisor01.09.200931.08.2011
22  Príprava a analýza progresívnych mikroelektronických štruktúr a prvkov podporená modelovaním a simuláciouD. DonovalVEGAsupervisor01.01.200231.12.2004
23 Progressive design and diagnostics methods for energy efficient power devicesD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.07.201530.06.2018
24 Research and optimization of selected properties of advanced electronic structures and devices prepared on wideD. DonovalVEGAsupervisor01.01.201131.12.2014
25 R3-PowerUP - 300mm Pilot Line for Smart Power and Power DiscretesD. DonovalH2020: Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL)supervisor01.11.201730.04.2021
26 Smart-system for monitoring and prevention of healty heart based on latest organic electronics technologiesD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.07.201630.06.2019
27 "SMArt systems Co-design"D. DonovalInternational cooperationsupervisor01.10.201130.09.2014
28 Submicron technologies and (nano) structures of bipolar-CMOS-DMOS FET for smart power electronic devices and intefrated circuits.D. DonovalAPVVsupervisor01.03.200631.08.2009
29 Teória a technológia rozhraní pre rýchlu organickú elektronikuD. DonovalAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor01.07.201530.06.2018

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