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prof. Ing. Marcela Pokusov√°, PhD.
Identification number: 236
University e-mail: marcela.pokusova [at]
Profesorka CSc.,PhD. - Institute of manufacturing systems, environmental technology and quality management (FME)
External colleague - Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management (MTF)

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
270301_BDPBasics of ManagementFMESS 2019/2020APZC
270697_IDPDiploma WorkFMESS 2019/2020AZ
270649_IDPDiploma WorkFMESS 2019/2020PZC
270531_IDPManagerial Economics II.FMESS 2019/2020GAPC
270532_IDPProduction ManagementFMESS 2019/2020GAPZC
270200_BDPProject ManagementFMESS 2019/2020GA
270542_IDPProject ManagementFMESS 2019/2020GAPZCt
270108_IDPQuality Management Methods in ManufacturingFMESS 2019/2020GAPZC
270639_IDPQuality Management Methods in ManufacturingFMESS 2019/2020GAPZC
270530_IDPTotal Quality ManagementFMESS 2019/2020APZC
270633_IDPTQM (Total Quality Management)FMESS 2019/2020APZC

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