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doc. Ing. Branislav Knížat, CSc.
Identification number: 2371
University e-mail: branislav.knizat [at] stuba.sk
Docent CSc.,PhD. - Ústav energetických strojov a zariadení (FME)

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
240832_DDPApplied Fluid MechanicsFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
240731_DDPApplied Fluid MechanicsFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
240712_DDPApplied Fluid MechanicsFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260399_BDPBachelor WorkFMESS 2018/2019
260699_IDPDiploma WorkFMESS 2018/2019
260598_IDPExcursionFMESS 2018/2019
242202_BDPFluid MechanicsFMESS 2018/2019
242623_IDPHydraulics of Pipe SystemsFMESS 2018/2019
242796_DDPMathematics - Selected ChaptersFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
242795_DDPMechanics - Selected ChaptersFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260743_DDPProject IFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260744_DDPProject IIFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260845_DDPProject IIIFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260846_DDPProject IVFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
260950_DDPProject VFME2018/2019 - post-graduate studies
242515_IDPProjection of Pumping Systems and Hydro Power PlantsFMESS 2018/2019
260501_IDPSources and Transformations of EnergyFMESS 2018/2019

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