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Ing. Oľga Caletková, PhD.
Identification number: 25498
University e-mail: olga.caletkova [at]
Odborná asistentka CSc.,PhD. - Department of Organic Chemistry (IOCP FCFT)

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Ord.StateTypeFinal thesisUntilDetails
1.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Bc. Viktória Boháčiková
Identification of Clopidogrel conglomerate salts
May 2019Displaying the final thesis
2.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Eva Jančiová
Oxidative degradation of the aromatic core of optically pure 5-aryl-3-aminolactones. Synthesis of hemerocallisamine I.
May 2019Displaying the final thesis
3.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. Eva Jančiová
Syntéza kyseliny 6-oxo-6-fenylhexa-2,4-diénovej ako potenciálneho substrátu pre kryštalizáciou indukované asymetrické transformácie
May 2017Displaying the final thesis
4.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Bc. Barbora Janíková
Preparation of (S) -2-hydroxy-3-mercaptopropanoic acid and its analogs as a nucleophilic fragment in the synthesis of berkeleylactone A.
May 2019Displaying the final thesis
5.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Bc. David Scherhaufer
Berkeleylactone A and Pandangolide 3. Structural Similarity, Occurrence, and Biological Activity.
May 2019Displaying the final thesis

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BTBachelor thesis
DTDiploma thesis
DisTDissertation thesis
DisThPrDissertation thesis propositions
FtMBAFinal MBA thesis
Final thesisFinal thesis
FT(ILL)Final thesis - foreign students
FT(FS)Final thesis - Institute for Lifelong Learning
HabTHabilitation thesis
RigTRigorous thesis
Final thesis is incompleteFinal thesis is incomplete
Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.
Final thesis was successfully defended.Final thesis was successfully defended.
Final thesis is submittedFinal thesis is submitted
Final thesis is in progressFinal thesis is in progress