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doc. Ing. Eva Benická, PhD.
Identification number: 3371
University e-mail: eva.benicka [at] stuba.sk
Docentka CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Analytical Chemistry (FCFT)

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Type of thesis:
Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:
Study of sample preparation methods and GC-MS analysis of selected priority pollutants in water and biota
Written by (author): Miroslav Koreň
Thesis supervisor:
doc. Ing. Eva Benická, PhD.
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis is incomplete

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Language of final thesis:

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:
Study of sample preparation methods and GC-MS analysis of selected priority pollutants in water and biota
The main topic of theses is the assesment of the analytical methods of sample preparation and the determination for the analysis of priority substances, polluting the waters and biota in the environment published in the scientific journals literature. The list of pollutants was chosen on the basis of priority pollutants list in accordance with Water framework directive 2000/60/EU, stating the group of compounds that shall be monitored in surface waters in EU, and with accordance with the EU directive 2008/105/EU stating the limits of concentrations (environmental quality standards) in surface waters. All analytical methods used for programs estimating the state of waters must fulfill minimal working criteria and shall be validated and documented in accordance with corresponding standards. The brief guidelines for analytical methods were included in the new revision of the Priority Substance List from 2012 The reviewed literature contained data mainly on chromatographic analysis of new priority pollutants. The new environmental quality standards - maximal alovable concentrations accepted for surface waters are very low and as such require very sophisticated methods of analysis. Very often a concentration step is used in the sample preparation, including the methods of solid phase extraction and solid phase mixroextraction. However, at many occasions these methods are not sufficient to obtain required limits of detection, the methods included a kind of large volume injection capabilities or thermodesorption capability for large capacity sorptive extraction techniques. For identification of compounds in every case a method of mass spectrometry or tandem mass spectrometry was used, which can offer unambigous determination of compound identity. For quantification a ratio must be verified for the pairs of ions, and it is the indication of ion peak purity and spectra purity, in order to obtain the right quantification data. The articles published were devoted to analysis of selected compounds and the relative compounds in surface water, waste water, sediments and the samples of biota. Some of articles evaluated the reaction properties of target compounds and their degradation scheme and products, which are also analysed in the same kind of samples.
Key words:
priority pollutants in waters, gas chromatography with mass spectrometry, GC-MS, LC-MS-MS

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