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Ing. Marek Fronc, PhD.
Identification number: 3963
University e-mail: marek.fronc [at] stuba.sk
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Department of Physical Chemistry (IPC FCFT)

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1.Crystal, molecular and electronic properties of (E)-1-((5'-bromo-[2,2'-bithiophen]-5-Yl)methylene)-2-(pentafluorophenyl)hydrazine
Fronc, Marek -- Sivý, Július -- Bortňák, Dušan -- Végh, Daniel -- Králik, Marián
Crystal, molecular and electronic properties of (E)-1-((5'-bromo-[2,2'-bithiophen]-5-Yl)methylene)-2-(pentafluorophenyl)hydrazine. In SZARKOVÁ, D. -- RICHTÁRIKOVÁ, D. -- LETAVAJ, P. -- GABKOVÁ, J. Aplimat 2018. Bratislava: Spektrum STU, 2018, p. 390--396. ISBN 978-80-227-4765-3.
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2.Electronic structure of two isostructural "paddle-wheel" complexes: a comparative study
Herich, Peter -- Bučinský, Lukáš -- Breza, Martin -- Gall, Marián -- Fronc, Marek -- Petřiček, Václav -- Kožíšek, Jozef
Electronic structure of two isostructural "paddle-wheel" complexes: a comparative study. Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials, 74. p. 681--692.
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3.O tvorbe zriedkavých pyrazoloazepínov ako bočných produktov Clauson-Kaasovej reakcie 5-aminopyrazolov
Bortňák, Dušan -- Milata, Viktor -- Šofranko, Jakub -- Végh, Daniel -- Fronc, Marek -- Herich, Peter -- Kožíšek, Jozef -- Hrivnáková, Viera -- Šoral, Michal
On the formation of uncommon pyrazoloazepines from 5-aminopyrazoles as by-products in the Clauson-Kaas reaction. Journal of Molecular Structure, 1166. p. 243--251.
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