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prof. Ing. arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.
Identifikačné číslo: 434
Univerzitný e-mail: maros.finka [at] stuba.sk

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Základné informácie

Základné informácie o záverečnej práci

Typ práce:
Diplomová práca
Názov práce:
Syntax v urbánnom priestore - modelové riešenie Štúrovo/Ostrihom
Vedúci práce:
prof. Ing. arch. Maroš Finka, PhD.
Oponent:Ing. arch. Juraj Berdis, PhD.
Stav záverečnej práce:
Záverečná práca bola úspešne obhájená

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Jazyk spracovania záverečnej práce:
anglický jazyk

Názov práce:
Syntax in Urban Space – model area Štúrovo/Esztergom
Spatial Syntax is a special rarely used tool to analyse urban open or closed spaces. According to this kind of analyses we can find out the efficiency of use, the accessibility and not least visibility of each places, corners, streets or any space. We decided to do this topic because as we had seen in real projects syntax analyses and plans which can apply solutions into the area before the realization, monitor them and see if the plan would be successful or not. For the elaboration of ŠtúrEgom's syntax we invented our own methodology showing the logical procedure for the whole research. Using this methodology we will plan the proposal for spatial and social coherence of ŠtúrEgom. Both these cities are interesting thanks to their location, their different structure and different development in almost the same place and time. As we know Štúrovo is located in the border of Slovakia and Esztergom is on the Hungarian side. The two cities are completing each other, while Esztergom has an old structure and historical background Štúrovo is just one simple city grown during the industrialization. ŠtúrEgom is a good case to analyse signs and visual elements because its diversity and due to its uniqueness. Esztergom has a rich history and is very interesting by its architecture. Štúrovo is profiting from the tourists coming to see the old Esztergom's structure and to relax there in the thermal water. Our idea is to make these two neighbour cities more coherent, in terms of social issues as well as in spatial. Researches of ŠtúrEgom will show us some really interesting data. Through the visibility analyses we will see, which open spaces offers the best visual lines in the area. According to the visual issue we can guide the people in the area. If they see there is a tree in front of them, of course they will circumvent it. If there is a square where we can stand and look around we will do it, because the human are interested in watching. For example if we lock someone into a room without any window and any light, that person will be sad and lost, can not see anything and not even the exit from the space. Syntax analyses help us to find out more how people behave in the space, how they move. Nevertheless, We researched the best accessibility options, barriers in the space, quality of the space. The space can act differently. In some illustration we explained different spatial qualities as dominancy, submission, continuity and some more spatial and shape conflicts met in the real places. By the end of our work in our concept we would much more concentrate on visual and guidance issues of the space that are also organic components of syntax and urban semiotics. We read the syntax and semiotics theory and some interesting case studies, which were important to make a bigger view in our knowledge in this topic. The case studies are completely different. The common thing in between them is that each of them is highlighting one of the main issues we wanted to follow in our research as visibility and mental guidance, accessibility, diversity or composition. Final concept is concentrating on four main goals: Compositional Excellence, Form Guidance, Balanced Accessibility, and Rich Visibility. From these four components our concept got the name Coherence of ŠtúrEgom's Conurbation.
Kľúčové slová:
Štúrovo, ŠtúrEgom, Visibility, Guidance, Accessibility, Space Syntax, Urban Space, Urban Semiotics, Esztergom, City Signs, Shape Grammar

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