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prof. Ing. Marián Valko, DrSc.
Identification number: 4435
University e-mail: marian.valko [at] stuba.sk
Profesor DrSc. - Department of Physical Chemistry (IPC FCFT)
Department chief official - Department of Physical Chemistry (IPC FCFT)

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Antioxidačné a prooxidačné vlastnosti karotenoidov.M. Valko-- Iný medzinárodný --supervisor05/01/200405/31/2007
2 Antioxidant and prooxidant properties of carotenoids. (An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance study).M. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/200512/31/2007
3 Experimental and theoretical study of molecular structure, electron properties, reactivity and biological activity of complex compounds of redox-active metalsM. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/201712/31/2019
4 Expermental and theoretical studies of the molecular structures, electronic properties, reactivities and biological activities of redoxactive metal complexesM. ValkoAPVV - Všeobecná výzvasupervisor07/01/201606/30/2020
5 Interaction of redox active metals with neuro-protective agents: a way to combat oxidative stress in neurological disease ?M. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/201412/31/2016
6 Physico-chemical properties and structure of materialsM. Valko-- Iný domáci --supervisor01/01/201512/31/2020
7 Spectroscopic analysis of the antioxidant and prooxidant properties of carotenoids.M. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/201112/31/2013
8 Syntéza, spektroskopické vlastnosti a biologická aktivita komplexných zlúčenín prechodných prvkov s SOD aktivitou.M. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/200812/30/2010
9 Syntheses, crystal structures, spectroscopic properties and biochemical studies of novel copper(II) and chromium(III) complexes with potential medicinal applicationsM. ValkoAPVV - Bilaterálna spolupráca supervisor09/01/201812/31/2019
10 The role of trace metals and light in camptothecin - serum albumin interactions. (NMR and EPR studies).M. ValkoVEGAsupervisor01/01/200212/31/2004

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