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Ing. Marek Mošať
Identification number: 47637
University e-mail: marek.mosat [at] stuba.sk
3940V00  Physical Engineering D-FYZ
FEEIT D-FYZ-ELU den [year 3]
Doctoral type of study, full-time, attendance method form
ELU-SAV, 3rd year of study

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:Superconducting coil of high temperature superconductor
Written by (author): Ing. Marek Mošať
Department: Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering (FEEIT)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Fedor Gömöry, DrSc.
Opponent:Ing. Jozef Mišík, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:English

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Superconducting coil of high temperature superconductor
Summary:Bachelor thesis deals with electromagnetic properties of coil wound of high temperature superconducting tape made of REBCO. First part includes measurements of current-voltage characteristics of specific tape. Based on measurements were specified critical current in dependence of magnetic field. Computer simulations based on finite elements method provide characteristic properties of tape. It gives opportunity to predict critical current of final coil and future experiments. Thanks to simulations were found lower critical current on edges of coil compared to central turns. It is caused by different magnetic field in central and edge parts. Final coil is designed and adapted for indirect cooling. Work contains measurements of critical current and voltage distribution across winding. Final experiments showed that voltage distribution isn't regular and higher voltage is concentrated on beginning of coil. Experiment with indirect cooling showed that whole coil reached SC state but for obtaining of sufficient critical current it is necessary to improve cooling system.
Key words:coil, REBCO, superconductor, electromagnetic field, FEM, critical current, simulation, current-voltage characteristic

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