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Ing. Ján Milde, PhD.
Identification number: 56936
University e-mail: jan.milde [at] stuba.sk
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Department of Machining and Computer-aided Technologies (UVTE MTF)

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Accurate calculations, modeling and simulation of new surfaces based on physical causes of machined surfaces and additive technology surfaces in machinery and robotical machining conditionsP. BožekVEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/202012/31/2022
2 Automotive JUNIOR academyD. Cagáňová-- Iný domáci --spoluriešiteľ06/23/201607/31/2021
3 Examination of the possibilities of utilisation of the process of plasma discharges in electrolyte for deburring complexy shaped workpieces.Š. PodhorskýVEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201612/31/2018
4 Informatics, Mathematics and Technological Courses Teaching innovation to increase quality of education in accordance with the requirements Industry 4.0M. MišútováKEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201812/31/2020
5 Investigation of new active solder alloys for higher application temperaturesI. KostolnýAPVV - Všeobecná výzvaspoluriešiteľ07/01/202006/30/2024
6 Research of advanced ceramics materials prepared with the additive manufacturing and inspection geometrical characteristics and tolerances by industrial computed tomographyJ. MildeExcelentné tímy mladých výskumníkovzodpovedný riešiteeľ05/01/201904/30/2021
7 Research of direct bonding of the ceramic and metallic materials by use of active soldering alloysR. KoleňákAPVV - Všeobecná výzvaspoluriešiteľ07/01/201806/30/2022
8 Research on causes of geometrical deviations in the production of seamless tubes and their technological inheritance with emphasis on the shape stability of precision cold drawn tubes using metrological systemsL. MorovičAPVV - Všeobecná výzvaspoluriešiteľ07/01/201906/30/2023
9 Výskum vplyvu hustoty vnútornej štruktúry v procese technológie Fused Deposition Modeling na rozmerovú presnosť súčiastokJ. MildeMladý výskumníksupervisor03/21/201912/31/2019
10 Výskum vplyvu vybraných parametrov metódy Fused Deposition Modeling na kvalitatívne a mechanické vlastnostnosti súčiastokJ. MildeMladý výskumníkzodpovedný riešiteľ03/15/201612/31/2016

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