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Ing. Lukáš Bartalský, PhD.
Identification number: 57845
University e-mail: lukas.bartalsky [at]
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of automation, measurement and applied informatics (FME)

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PIKNA, S. -- BARTALSKÝ, L. Návrh riadenia chladenia zlievárenskej formy. Bachelor thesis. 2019.

Original name: Návrh riadenia chladenia zlievárenskej formy
English name: Design of controll cooling casting mold
Czech name:
Written by (author): Bc. Samuel Pikna
Ing. Lukáš Bartalský, PhD.
Department: Institute of automation, measurement and applied informatics
Kind of publication: final thesis
University: -
Type of work: Bachelor thesis
Place of publishing:
Year of publication: 2019
Number of pages:
Original language: Slovak
Description in original language:
Description in English:
Description in Czech:
Key words: slovak: controlled cooling, MATLAB&Simulink, casting mold, riadené tuhnutie odliatku, gravity casting,, zlievárenská forma, gravitačné liatie
Year of submission: 2019
Year of transmission:
Entry made by: Bc. Samuel Pikna
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