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Mgr. Jaroslav Mosnáček, DrSc.
Identification number: 61944
University e-mail: qmosnaacek [at]
External colleague - Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (STU)

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Ord.StateTypeFinal thesisUntilDetails
1.Final thesis is incompleteDisTWritten by (author): MSc. Rehab Abd-Elazeem
Využitie moderných polymerizačných techník pri cielenej modifikácii povrchov
June 2023Displaying the final thesis
2.Final thesis is in progressDisTWritten by (author): MSc. Rehab Abd-Elazeem
June 2023Displaying the final thesis
3.Final thesis is in progressDisTWritten by (author): MSc. Gamal Mohamed Zain Ahmed
Riadená radikálová fotopolymerizácia vinylových monomérov
May 2022Displaying the final thesis
4.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Katarína Borská, PhD.
Fotodegradácia poly(e-kaprolaktónu) dopovaného benzilom
May 2009Displaying the final thesis
5.Final thesis is in progressDisTWritten by (author): Ing. Ana Hološ
Syntéza dobre definovaných polymérov a polymérnych materiálov s novými vlastnosťami
May 2020Displaying the final thesis
6.Final thesis was successfully defended.DisTWritten by (author): Ing. Markéta Ilčíková, PhD.
Nanocomposites Based on Block Copolymers and Covalently Modified Nanoparticles
June 2013Displaying the final thesis
7.Final thesis is incompleteDisTWritten by (author): Ing. Milica Riecka
Polymers from renewable unsaturated gama-lactone monomers
September 2014Displaying the final thesis

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BTBachelor thesis
DTDiploma thesis
DisTDissertation thesis
DisThPrDissertation thesis propositions
FtMBAFinal MBA thesis
Final thesisFinal thesis
FT(ILL)Final thesis - foreign students
FT(FS)Final thesis - Institute for Lifelong Learning
HabTHabilitation thesis
RigTRigorous thesis
Final thesis is incompleteFinal thesis is incomplete
Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.
Final thesis was successfully defended.Final thesis was successfully defended.
Final thesis is submittedFinal thesis is submitted
Final thesis is in progressFinal thesis is in progress