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Mgr. Mária Bednáriková, PhD.
Identification number: 70675
University e-mail: bednarikova [at]
External colleague - Institute of Industrial Engineering and Management (MTF)

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Automotive JUNIOR academyD. Cagáňová-- Iný domáci --spoluriešiteľ06/23/201607/31/2021
2 Development of argumentation skills of students using the software programs under the teaching of humanities courses at STUM. BednárikováKEGAzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201612/31/2018
3 Development of argumentation skills of students using the software programs under the teaching of humanities courses at STUM. Bednárikováinštitucionálny projektzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201612/31/2016
4 Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship among European Youth - YounGOD. CagáňováERASMUS+spoluriešiteľ01/01/201606/30/2017
5 Implementation of the Elements of Personal Development in the Subject Communicational Rudiments for MTF STU StudentsI. NovotnáKEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201612/31/2018
6 Improving profesional competences of the university graduates of the branch Manufacturing Technology by applying dual education principlesP. ŠugárKEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201812/31/2020
7 Information Quality Management in Project Management within the Industrial Enterprises in the Slovak RepublicJ. ŠujanováVEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201212/31/2014
8 Manual of innovative pedagogical methods aimed at developing divergent (creative) and convergent (logical-critical) aspects of students' cognitive abilitiesM. BednárikováKEGAzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201812/31/2020
9 Proposal of a model for systemtic developing students` argumentation skills by intefrating argument mapping software into Humanities courses at STUM. BednárikováKEGAzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201712/31/2019
10 Proposal of the methodology for the measurement of the work comfort index in industrial planes with the orientation on the combination and recombination of the factors.A. PaulikováVEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201712/31/2019
11 Systematic Development of Personality and Critical Thinking within Basics of Communication Subject at STUI. NovotnáKEGAspoluriešiteľ01/01/201712/31/2019
12 The implementation of critical thinking standards within invation of the subject Introduction to Scientific Work at STUM. BednárikováKEGAzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201312/31/2015
13 Theoretical Analysis and Proposal of a Conceptual Model of Critical Thinking in the Frame of Informal Logic and in the Context of Argumentative SchemesM. BednárikováVEGAzodpovedný riešiteľ01/01/201612/31/2018

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