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doc. Ing. Jozef Kuzma, PhD.
Identification number: 849
University e-mail: qkuzmaj [at] stuba.sk
External colleague - Faculty of Civil Engineering (STU)

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Ord.StateTypeFinal thesisUntilDetails
1.Final thesis was successfully defended.DisTWritten by (author): Ing. Vladimír Bartoš, PhD.
Interakcia prírodného horninového prostredia s konštrukciou tunela
September 2012Displaying the final thesis
2.Final thesis was successfully defended.DisTWritten by (author): Ing. Miroslav Černý, PhD.
Analýza interakcie vrstevnatého podložia a plošného základu.
August 2011Displaying the final thesis
3.Final thesis is incompleteBTWritten by (author): Marek Havran
Posúdenie stability zosuvného svahu stavebnej jamy na Cabanovej ulici v Bratislave
June 2007Displaying the final thesis
4.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. Martin Hromada, PhD.
Výpočet zemných tlakov
May 2009Displaying the final thesis
5.Final thesis was successfully defended.DTWritten by (author): Ing. Štefan Kupka
Výpočet sadania vybraných objektov vodného diela Kráľová
May 2007Displaying the final thesis

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BTBachelor thesis
DTDiploma thesis
DisTDissertation thesis
DisThPrDissertation thesis propositions
FtMBAFinal MBA thesis
Final thesisFinal thesis
FT(ILL)Final thesis - foreign students
FT(FS)Final thesis - Institute for Lifelong Learning
HabTHabilitation thesis
RigTRigorous thesis
Final thesis is incompleteFinal thesis is incomplete
Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.
Final thesis was successfully defended.Final thesis was successfully defended.
Final thesis is submittedFinal thesis is submitted
Final thesis is in progressFinal thesis is in progress