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prof. Ing. Jozef Hraška, PhD.
Identification number: 899
University e-mail: jozef.hraska [at] stuba.sk
Profesor CSc.,PhD. - Department of Building Structures (FCE)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Dissertation thesis
Thesis title:Modelling, simulation and experimental analysis of façade photovoltaic system with latent heat energy storage material
Written by (author): Ing. Jakub Čurpek, PhD.
Department: Department of Building Structures (FCE)
Thesis supervisor: prof. Ing. Jozef Hraška, PhD.
Opponent 1:doc. Dr. Ing. arch. Roman Rabenseifer
Opponent 2:prof. Ing. Dušan Katunský, PhD.
Opponent 3:doc. Ing. Miloš Kalousek, Ph.D.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:English

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Modelling, simulation and experimental analysis of façade photovoltaic system with latent heat energy storage material
Summary:The main goal of the submitted dissertation was mainly motivated to create and experimentally/numerically investigate the novel building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV) façade with latent heat energy storage material. The façade system is structured with the air cavity in the ventilated and non-ventilated regime. The key function of the novel façade concept aims on reduction of the peak operating temperatures of the photovoltaic (PV) modules coupled with phase change material (PCM) and to affect thermal response of air temperature inside the façade cavity. Ventilated façades have overheating problems during summer period and integration of PV cells increases this issue. Incoming outside air passes through the façade cavity and reaches high value of temperature during hot sunny days. The current state of the development of advanced building envelope systems, especially with PV systems and PCM was reviewed. Overheating problem of PV cells was detailly described together with the review of applications of PCM in PV systems. The current state of simulation research studies of PV and PCM systems was presented separately with focusing on different simulation methods. The initial preliminary predictions of performance investigation of the BiPV/PCM façade system were done by using BES software DesignBuilder, where hypothetical models of a building with the façade were numerically investigated. Three laboratory testing methods (Differential scanning calorimetry, Adiabatic scanning calorimetry and Triple layer calorimetry) of PCM thermophysical properties was described and performed on the sample of Rubitherm PCM RT27. Experimental measurements of the façade systems (BiPV and BiPV/PCM) were performed by using the experimental outdoor test cell, located in Brno, Czechia. Two types of BiPV façade were examined with/without PCM layer behind the PV cells, in ventilated and non-ventilated regime. Experimental measurements confirmed the effect of PCM on the rear side of the PV module in terms of decreasing PV operating temperature, increasing PV efficiency and increasing the overall thermal inertia of the façade. In the end, the results form experimental measurements and simulation results were compared. Subsequently, individual conclusions of the work for the scientific sphere and practise were stated.
Key words:photovoltaic, phase change material, façade, building energy simulation, experimental measurement, calorimetry

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