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prof. Ing. Boris Rohaľ-Ilkiv, CSc.
Identification number: 2463
Výskumný pracovník s VŠ vzdelaním - Institute of automation, measurement and applied informatics (FME)
External colleague - Institute of Applied Informatics, Automation and Mechatronics (MTF)
External colleague - Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology (STU)

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Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:Predictive control of a hydraulic laboratory teaching model with mutiple inputs and outputs
Written by (author):
Thesis supervisor:
prof. Ing. Boris Rohaľ-Ilkiv, CSc.
Opponent:doc. Ing. Martin Gulan, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Predictive control of a hydraulic laboratory teaching model with mutiple inputs and outputs
Summary:The master's thesis is dealing with designing of predictive control with guaranteed stability of control and with practical implementation of the design on a hydraulic laboratory teaching model of cascade-coupled tanks, which is represented as a system with multiple inputs and multiple outputs. In theoretical part of the thesis, approaches for obtaining a state-space model of given system based on an analytical and experimental identification are stated. An experimental approach was preferred by using a method of subspace identification for the given teaching model. Basic information and knowledge from the field of predictive control and approaches for guaranteeing stability of control are also listed in the theoretical part. In the design of the method of predictive control, an infinite horizon cost function is used to guarantee stability of predictive control and a strategy of dual-mode control and terminal sets are also applied. The designed approach was tested on the given laboratory model through the environment of Matlab/Simulink by means of Real-Time Target software package.
Key words:
predictive control, perturbations, cascade-coupled tanks, Real-Time Target, MIMO systems

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