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Ing. Ľubomír Jamečný, PhD.
Identification number: 328
University e-mail: lubomir.jamecny [at]
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Department of Spatial Planning and Management (IM OUP REK)
Department chief official - Department of Spatial Planning and Management (IM OUP REK)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:Smart eco-village concept and its projection into strategic development documents in the territory - model territory Lendak
Written by (author): Bc. Lenka Hnilicová
Department: Institute of Management of the STU (OUP REK)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Ľubomír Jamečný, PhD.
Opponent:doc. Ing. Mária Zúbková, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Smart eco-village concept and its projection into strategic development documents in the territory - model territory Lendak
Summary:The content of the bachelor thesis is the update of strategic development documents – the Program of development and the Territorial plan in the context of the transformation of a rural village according to the smart eco-village concept for the model territory of the municipality of Lendak. The introduction of the Program of Development introduces the concept of smart eco-village in a general position, which can be used for any municipality in Slovakia. Next is the analysis of the starting position of Lendak village, here are presented positive and negative aspects and especially potentials. The work continues by changing the current municipal development strategy and changing it according to the principles and objectives of the smart eco-village and updating of the financial plan, which represents total amount of the estimated costs and the possibilities of their utilization, too. A part of the Program of Development is also an ensuring of the implementation and the foreseen timetable when the individual activities will be carried out. Amendments to the municipality's territorial plan follow up the activities planned in the Program of Development. They identify and describe the activities whose implementation will be visible in the territory. An integral part of the land use plan is a graphic part illustrating the changes in the area. All changes planned in the municipality are based on smart eco-village principles, but at the same time they are applied in such a way that they are acceptable to the inhabitants of the village. The aim of the work is make citizens to use and combine current knowledge with traditions and local folklore. In order to live in harmony with nature - they use resources from it but do not underestimate and not disregard it.
Key words:Program of Development, Territorial plan, Lendak, smart eco-village, municipality, eco, changes and accessories, smart, strategy

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