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Ing. arch. Pavol Korček, PhD.
Identification number: 3546
University e-mail: pavol.korcek [at] stuba.sk
Odborný asistent CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Public Buildings (FA)
External colleague - Institute of Public Buildings (FA)
External colleague - Faculty of Civil Engineering (STU)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:A gallery
Written by (author): Bc. Lívia Gažová
Department: Institute of Public Buildings (FA)
Thesis supervisor: Ing. arch. Pavol Korček, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. arch. Jozef Bátor, PhD.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:English

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:A gallery
Summary:The topic was: how to enter into an existing concrete-pannel housing structure with a new object? How should it look like, what use would it have, how should it communicate with the surrounding area and what does it have to contain? The problem was to state the connection and the relationship between socialistic residential zone and Strkovec lake -- a natural element. The building consisting of a gallery and a restaurant does not try to enter rudely, ostentatiously. It would like to fit, but in different shoes. The construction is based on modules, pannels, concrete, walls and their compositions; just like the pannel housing concept was. The walls spread-up the area determine and outline spaces, they limit views. If we cover them, doesn`t matter where, we can get the building. The rest is on the users, how wisely they can deal with the other walls. The pannels outside as well as those inside will become exhibits. The museum of post-war architectural development of Bratislava. Because of a need of enlightment, education, in a way a honor to history. A gallery, or better to say a museum, is situated on the northern side of the area. It turns itself to the lake and visually connects natural elements. It makes you go in. Right behind the main entrance, the house is devided into a gallery and a restaurant, on both sides of the foyer and with particular backround areas in the nothern side. The concept of division of the spaces by structural walls can be recognized in both orders. Concrete pannels are used as exhibits and as exhibition pannels as well. The second floor is more variable for other displays and more opened -- without walls. The house and its interior perception is defined by the contrast of full rigid walls and big glazings. The solid and the void. Suggestive. Surprising.
Key words:post-war architecture, housing, panel, Bratislava

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