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doc. Ing. arch. Alžbeta Sopirová, CSc.
Identification number: 4201
University e-mail: alzbeta.sopirova [at]
Docentka CSc.,PhD. - Institute of Urban Design and Planning (FA)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Diploma thesis
Thesis title:Bratislava- river bank of Danube
Written by (author): Ing. arch. Petra Horkavá
Department: Institute of Urban Design and Planning (FA)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. arch. Alžbeta Sopirová, CSc.
Opponent:Ing. arch. Peter Stec, CSc.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:Slovak

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Title of the thesis:Bratislava- river bank of Danube
Summary:The aim of my diploma thesis was carry on my pre-diploma project oriented on a proposal of an attractive location Eurovea - Winter port, continuation of the existing project and especially the cross-link of two parts of city Bratislava Ružinov and Petržalka. Aim was to build on already existing walking itineraries as well as pedestrian link from the left bank of the Danube River Park to Eurovea and also verify the emergence of new pedestrian bridges that would link left and right bank of the Danube and would contribute in the transverse direction to creation of space for recreation and leisure activities of Bratislava citizens and tourists. The main objective of this project was to design urban-architectural solution/proposal, which would incorporate into a delicate organism of the city, would also contribute to the rebirth of an seafront promenade and to the creation of the missing pedestrian links between the left and right bank of the Danube river, as the connection Business centers, attractive housing in the place of Winter port up and the area designated for recreational activities, not only for Bratislava citizens, in connection to sports campus of Economic University. The system of major and minor compositional axes follows the natural motion of the population and contributes by their mutual determination to the creation of new core parts and public spaces - squares, promenades and so on. Territory of the current Winter port is very attractive mainly for its location on the Danube embankment. It has high potential to become a new cultural and social center not only for Bratislava citizens but also for tourists visiting the capital city.
Key words:Winter port, Eurovea, Riverbank of Danube

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